About Us


About the Adore Designer.

I am Doré Bornman, the creator behind Adore Designer.

I am a qualified Fashion Designer that graduated in 2018. I have been designing and making my own clothes for the past 10 years. I use to live on a farm in the Free State and the only way for me to wear fashionable clothes, was to simply make them myself. One day I decided to take pre-orders for my ”Adore Jacket”.

I received such an overwhelming amount of
support that I decided to take on more orders. Today, a couple of years later, the Adore Designer brand is running full steam from my workspace in Cape Town.

My goal is to be able to create a brand that will create job opportunities, support local businesses, and stay true to our aesthetic and values.

Thank you for your support in my dream.



Our Design & Production Process.

Every Adore Designer item is PROUDLY MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA. All our fabric is locally sourced and our items locally manufactured. Doré is our seamstress, designer, patternmaker, and founder of the brand.

We prefer to take PRE-ORDERS on items to save on fabric waste and to avoid overproduction of items. Every item is specially handmade for each customer. The production process only starts when orders are received. Therefore, our lead-time may take 10-14 working days.

All our design ideas are dreamed up by Doré herself. Her inspiration generally comes from her surrounding environment, fabric and prints, and her colorful imagination.

Firstly, we find the fabric that we want to work with and then the design process starts. Our fabric and prints constantly change to keep our designs fresh and interesting. For us, it is all about the detail in a design. Once we can see the drape, and feel the textures of the fabric, only then we can truly design an item for someone else to Adore